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Data Space Planning

Have a small use case but want enterprise attention?


Have a need for 168 processors in 42U rack?


Looking to take your old environment and migrate to a new converged efficient platform?


Building out a new Data Center?

Architectural Modelling

Our industry proffesionals have held high level roles in the IT field. They have personaly managed vendors, justified capital cost, and managed large IT environments. The same things you are trying to do, they have done themselves. They have a distinct advantage over any other providers representatives.



IT Auditing

Do you have an aged infratructure and need to know a path to a new easy to manage solution?

We can investigate your current environment, and create a clear path to a simple platform with better perfomance




SMP Distribution, Inc.

Was founded in 2001. There was a new program envisioned at HP that would give customers a more pro-active experience that customers were looking for. This program was the HP Direct Agent program. SMP Distribution was asked to be one of the first Direct Agents in the country.

     HP believed that with the business values, and strong technology skills SMP Distribution would be a key company to help make the program successful. We are now annually ranked as one of the top HP Direct Agents in the country.

     Through the strong principles at SMP Distribution, we are not seen as a reseller to our customers, but as a strategic partner. We are often asked to review other vendors proposals as a third party objector.

     We have also been prompted by our customer to get involved in other product lines, so we can bring our Technical skill set, and service excellence to the entire platform not just to isolated solutions.
      We believe that honesty, integrity, and intelligence have as much value as the platforms we sell. You will not get the latest marketing program, or gadget from SMP Distribution. Our technology solutions are a mix of tried and tested practice, while keeping an eye to emerging technologies with sound design principles. These solutions are then tested prior to them ever being offered to you







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